18th Century Worksheet

1. What was the impact of deference on colonial politics? On family structure? How does deference seem to make revolution impossible?



Religion and Colonial Elites

2. Describe the conversion process experienced by Jonathan Edwards's parishioners in western Massachusetts.



3. What was the reaction of settled ministers to the preaching of George Whitefield? How might a person's involvement with the new style of religious experience change his or her attitude toward authority?



4. How were the Baptists in the South offering a socially different experience as well as a religiously different experience?



5. How might the new religion also have encouraged women not to "know their places?"




Population and Immigration in the Eighteenth Century

6. What was happening to the population of the United States in the eighteenth century? Where did the new immigrants come from?




7. How might such a mixture of ethnic backgrounds contribute to a loss of deference?



8. Give examples of how back country farmers challenged the rule of Eastern elites?



Economic Growth

8. Describe the "revolution in styles of life" that occurred in 18th century America? How did it affect the rich? The "middling" sort?



9. Where were "pockets of poverty" likely to develop?



10. How had southern colonies replaced white indentured servitude with African slavery by the mid-eighteenth century?



11. Describe the different reactions to slavery of first-generation Africans and those born in America.