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United States History   Pearl Harbor Worksheet   Handout, pp. 511-28.                       


1. What occurred on the morning of December 7 that might have avoided the disaster? Why didn't it?



2. What was the leading isolationist organization? Explain the difference between the isolationists and the interventionists in terms of their objectives and the policies that they wanted the United States to follow in World War II?.



3. What was the Nye Committee? What did it imply? What term did it coin?


4. What was the relationship between the Nye Committee and the Neutrality Acts?



5. What were the provisions of the Neutrality Acts?



6. During the 1930s, what happened politically in Japan?


7. In 1931 what did the Japanese do in Manchuria? What was the U.S. response?


8. In 1937 what further aggression did Japan commit?


9. What did FDR call for in the "Quarantine Speech? What was the reaction?


10. What was the Panay incident? What did it illustrate?


11. What happened at the Munich Conference of 1938? What did the Munich Conference come to symbolize?


12. What agreement served as a green light for Nazi aggression in Poland in 1939: _____________________________________

13. FDR called himself a "____________," and said that he would _______ to the American people if he needed to do so in order to win the war. In 1940, he defeated ______ ______ (name) thus winning an unprecedented third term.


14. The most important isolationist group in the United States was known as _________ __________. It was led by Charles _____ and Senator Robert ____ and called for a "________ America."

14. In September, 1940, FDR arranged for the Destroyer Deal with Britain? What did this involve?


15. With Britain running out of money, In March 1941, FDR persuaded Congress to pass what Act? What did it provide?


16. What metaphor did FDR use to gain support for the measure?

17. German U-Boats used what tactic in the North Atlantic?

18. What was the Atlantic Charter?


19. At their meeting at Argentia Bay, what did FDR promise secretly to Churchill?


20. What actions did FDR take in the North Atlantic in the fall of 1941? What were the Reuben James and the Greer and what did they symbolize?


21. FDR claimed that all German submarine attacks against American destroyers were ___________.


22. Explain how events in Europe in 1940 affected Japanese actions in Southeast Asia?


23. How did FDR respond?

24. Explain how events in Europe in 1941 affected Japanese actions in Asia.


25. How did FDR respond?

26. What was the name of the military hard-liner who took over leadership of the Japanese government in October 1941?

27. By the autumn of 1941, the Japanese had decided to seize what area if negotiations with the United States failed? Why did they choose that particular area?


28. What was "Operation Z?" Why did the Japanese feel it was a military necessity?

29. Identify Yamamoto. Know his background and the plan he decided on. What was his view about war with the United States?


30. Yamamoto's plan featured the use of what kind of ships? What was Kido Butai?

31. In the negotiations with the Japanese, the Roosevelt administration insisted on what?


32. What was MAGIC?


33. Why did Kimmel keep ships of the fleet concentrated in Pearl Harbor rather than ordering them out to sea?


34. What was the situation of U.S. aircraft carriers in December?

35. How did General Short respond to the war alert issued to all forces in the Pacific? Where did the Americans  expect tthe Japanese to attack?

36. What happened to the warning sent by General Marshall after the saw the decoded Japanese message of December 7?


37. What was "Tora! Tora! Tora!

38. The Japanese dive bombers used what?

39. The biggest disaster at Pearl Harbor involved what ship?

40. How many Americans died that day?


41. What did Hull say to Kurusu and Nomura?

42. When FDR spoke to Congress and asked for a declaration of war he called Pearl Harbor attack a day _____________________________________.

43. The attack on Pearl Harbor ended the debate between what two groups inside the United States?

43. What were Operation Z's shortcomings?

44. Who was Yoshikawa?


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