Reconstruction in illustrations, cartoons, and photographs

Presidential Reconstruction, 1865-66:

A) johnson-iago.jpg (546478 bytes)   Johnson as Iago        B)   black codes.jpg (535246 bytes) Black Codes, 1865-66     

C)  alexander stephens.jpg (42248 bytes)Alexander Stephenson, former Vice-President of the Confederacy and newly elected U.S. Senator in December 1865.


C) new orleans-riot.jpg (459332 bytes) New Orleans Race Riot, 1866    

D)burning schoolhouse.jpg (294972 bytes) Burning School House, 1866     


E)    freedman's bureau.jpg (380406 bytes)Freedman's Bureau as depicted in campaign material distributed by Johnson supporters during the Congressional elections of 1866.


Reconstruction (Radical) Governments in the South, 1867-early to mid-1870s:

F)thaddeus stevens.jpg (92906 bytes) Thaddeus Stevens           G) black voter.jpg (382555 bytes) Voting in 1867

H)black senators.jpg (381068 bytes) Senators and Representatives from Southern states after January 1867.  

I)robert smalls.jpg (232881 bytes)Robert Smalls, former slave and Civil War hero, elected to the United States House of Representatives  from South Carolina.


J)james alcorn.jpg (109215 bytes)James Alcorn                                 K)black school.jpg (756422 bytes)

K) johnson-impeachment.jpg (292486 bytes) Impeachment and trial of Johnson                             L) grant.jpg (233957 bytes)U.S. Grant


End of  Reconstruction, 1875-77:


M) black legislators.jpg (451292 bytes) Depictions of Black Legislators       N)   


O) kkk-1.jpg (502270 bytes) KKK           P) kkk-3.jpg (317722 bytes)   KKK       Q) kkk-4.jpg (385922 bytes)   KKK             R)                                                             

 S) voter fraud.jpg (524439 bytes)Mississippi Plan of 1875   The Vote Taken

R end of reconstruction.jpg (342531 bytes)   T)  Disputed election of 1876         U ) end of reconstruction-3.jpg (535157 bytes)Election of 1876 

S) end of reconstruction-1.jpg (464450 bytes)   V) Compromise of 1877              W) Sharecropper